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What You Eat Does Matter: Quality Counts

New Study Supports Concept of Good Calories, Bad Calories In an article published this month in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers revealed the results of a 20-year study on more than 120,000 Americans. Weight gain was “most strongly … Continue reading

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Less Technology, More Fun: Cultivating a Different Type of Connection

A simple (but not so easy) way to relieve stress is to take a vacation from technology.  Disconnect, turn off computerized devices, and stop being available 24/7. You’ve seen the bumper sticker, “Hang up and drive.” Mine should read, “Step … Continue reading

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Live Long and Well: Five Tips for Longevity

My father-in-law, “J,” just turned 95. He’s my health hero. J lives alone, still drives, and is in remarkably good shape. At a party in his honor, I asked him to share his secret for living a long and healthy … Continue reading

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Lower Stress in Less Than 30 Minutes: Create a Collage

My office is clean. I can see the floor. The work surface is no longer buried under piles of paper, books, photographs and who-knows-what. I had forgotten what a nice room it is… and how much space I have. I’m … Continue reading

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Counting My Blessings: Reflections on Recovering from Breast Cancer

This time last year, I was in northern Italy on vacation. A few weeks later, I had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. It has been an interesting year, to say the least. (Funny. My mother always says, “it’s interesting,” when … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning: Clearing the Clutter and Getting Unstuck

To hold an image of optimal health in my mind’s eye, I need a clear mind. My mind is clearest when I am centered. For me, this means being grounded in my body (breathe!) and in touch with spirit. If … Continue reading

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What is your vision of health?

After a long period of less-than-optimal health, I am moving forward on my healing journey. No longer content to be just a survivor, I am making a shift “from surviving to thriving.”(1) I am envisioning health. To envision means “to … Continue reading

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