On the path: Reflections on life’s journey

Can you believe it’s September already? What happened to all the things I planned to accomplish in 2011? (Gulp.) I had better get busy… or not.

When I take stock, I am reasonably pleased with how the year is going. Too often in the past, I was very single-minded, laser-focused on the task at hand. This year, I am more balanced. I am letting go of perfectionism. There are times when “good enough” is, frankly, good enough. I would rather look back and remember that I spent the weekend with my husband and granddaughters than holed up in my office researching and writing.

My mantra this year is “move-play-laugh.” Essentially, I want to have more FUN in life; and, I am.  Today is a Chamber-of-Commerce-picture-perfect-day in Sonoma. Bruce and I went for a hike this morning on Angel’s Flight trail in Bartholomew Park.

The park is adjacent to Bartholomew Park and Buena Vista wineries.

The redwoods towered overhead.

Getting my heart-rate up and flexing my muscles felt good. Tiny frogs jumped, ker-plop, into Benicia’s Lake near the summit.

The trail stretched out in front of us, inviting us onward and upward.

There’s nothing like a hike on a warm summer’s day! I always finish a hike feeling better than when I started — less stressed, more content, and grateful — for everything. It’s nice to know that I am on the right path.

Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year? How are you doing?

What are your favorite ways to decompress?

Please comment below.


About Susan MacLaughlin

A health & wellness coach and workshop leader, Susan empowers people to take charge of their health.
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2 Responses to On the path: Reflections on life’s journey

  1. LisaLisa says:

    Love the pics! I also resonate with the “move-play-laugh” goal, and I’m not sure why or how that got to be so hard or inaccessible to me in the past.
    I used to try So Hard to enjoy my life and be present…and also make all of the moments “productive.” I think…(I hope)…I’m getting better at being real and being present, and I’m certainly not being productive all of the time! A few years ago, my mom and I discussed the concept of “fun” and we wondered if we really even knew how to have fun. I think I did more than she did, but we’ve both worked on it. After all, if we’re not having fun, what is the point?!
    I didn’t make resolutions this year—I have these fuzzy aims out there somewhere floating around my head, and I am taking an approach of just leaning in the general direction I want to go for 2011. We’ll see where that goes!
    Thanks for the thoughts and pictures, my friend 🙂

  2. Lisa,
    Thanks for your comments. I understand about working at having fun; it’s easy to forgot how when I don’t flex the fun muscle. Like so many things in life, I have to “use it or lose it.”
    Fortunately, Bruce and “the girls” (ages 2-3/4 and 4-3/4) are great role models; they never stop playing.
    Have a great fall,

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