Seasonal Food Friday: Fabulous Figs

It’s fig season! If, like me, you’re lucky enough to have a friend with fig trees, it’s time to harvest. If not, check out your local produce market or farmers’ market.

Picking black mission figs in Sonoma County.

Fig varieties, courtesy of California Fresh Fig Growers Association

In California, fig trees produce two crops: one in summer and another in fall/winter, depending on the variety and climate. Common varieties include:
•    Black Mission – purple/black with pink flesh
•    Calimyrna – yellow/green with amber flesh
•    Kadota – green with purple flesh
•    Brown Turkey – purple with red flesh

Fiber-rich figs contain important minerals, including potassium, calcium and magnesium. High-fiber foods help control weight and blood sugar, and are associated with other health benefits.

Whether you eat them raw or dried, you’ll enjoy the chewy sweetness that figs add to any meal. I like to slice them in half, top with walnut pieces, and broil lightly for a yummy snack. Serve with goat cheese or charcuterie for an appetizer.

Fiber-rich figs are ready to eat.

Here are some other ideas:
•    For breakfast, add figs to a smoothie or to whole grains.
•    Top salad greens with chopped figs, nuts and/or cheese.
•    Cook up some fig jam or chutney and serve with meat dishes.
•    Purée figs and use them to sweeten homemade muffins, quick breads or desserts.

Download a free recipe booklet from the California Fresh Fig Growers Association.

What are your favorite fall foods? How do you like to prepare them?


About Susan MacLaughlin

A health & wellness coach and workshop leader, Susan empowers people to take charge of their health.
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6 Responses to Seasonal Food Friday: Fabulous Figs

  1. I really enjoy your blog Susan! You have a real gift for tuning into life’s simple pleasures and sharing them with grace and beauty.


  2. Lisa says:

    Figs aren’t as plentiful in NY (although the grocery store does carry some CA figs!)…but I love them. I sometimes make a fig and sunbutter smoothie that reminds me of pb&j sandwiches I ate when I was a kid 🙂
    But I can be classier than that too—I once made an avocado/fig tapenade that turned out really good!
    Thanks for the fig info and reminder!

  3. Diane Lofgren says:

    I love figs when eating out and forget about them at home. In smoothies sounds great! My friend puts cashews, banana and dates in soy milk for a smoothie option. Do you think figs would be as good in that recipe? Thank you for the tips!

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