When life gives you figs, make fig jam.

Although another gal has cornered the identity, the girl and the fig, this month I could qualify as her runner-up.

Today, I had every intention of posting a piece on apples. After all, it’s Seasonal Food Friday, and I’m planning to make an apple crisp for dessert on Saturday.

As luck would have it, my husband came home yesterday with an abundance of FIGS from dear friends in Dutch Flat. They are delicious.

As you may know, figs don’t keep. When they’re ripe, they’re ripe. Either eat ‘em at their peak, or preserve them for future use. Since I don’t have a dehydrator (hint, hint – great idea for a holiday gift), I am canning again. Last week, I made fig chutney. This time, it’s fig jam with a touch of sherry and fennel.

As the pot of figs simmers on the range, and jelly jars sterilize in the dishwasher, I have time to take a breath and write. I haven’t done this much canning since I was a young girl. Back in Connecticut, I used to make wild grape jam for everyone in the neighborhood. My sisters and I helped my mother and grandmother can sweet pickles (bread & butter and watermelon), spiced peaches, and tomato conserve. Figs were not part of our repertoire.

Although it’s fall, the temperature was in the 80s today and will stay that way all weekend. After a summer that never quite materialized, I am ready to bask in the October sun and savor the moments. It feels good to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures.

I’ve always associated fall with new beginnings. Maybe it’s because the school year begins in fall. Or, maybe it’s because I turn a year older each October. Either way, my New Year starts now, not in January. Now is the time to reflect and reminisce, to give thanks and count my blessings. Last year was about having more fun: “move-play-laugh.” The year ahead is about dreaming big and living large. Time to let my light shine.

Please leave your comments below.

What are you thankful for? What’s cooking in your kitchen? Have a great weekend!


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A health & wellness coach and workshop leader, Susan empowers people to take charge of their health.
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4 Responses to When life gives you figs, make fig jam.

  1. Lisa says:

    Fig jam sounds amazing! In the past, I’ve used figs with PB on sandwiches, and even by itself it makes a yummy “jam” …but the real thing sounds even better 🙂
    I agree on fall/new beginnings. It is a refreshing feeling–and I love your theme for the year ahead!
    I’m so thankful for my nephew right now–it’s almost his birthday, and he’ll be 8—so a great age for us to have a real friendship and I can see that happening. My kitchen is pretty boring right now—but I have been roasting lots of veg and I’m planning on making soup this week (it’s really chilly in NY!).
    Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing. I used to keep a gratitude journal, and I loved it. I still make notes of what I’m thankful for in my regular journal (morning pages). Lots of roast veggies here, too. Stay warm!

  2. Alicia says:

    A lovely, uplifting blog! I’ll be visiting again.
    I like the idea that the fall heralds your new year.

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